Renovation accreditation Nch-ISO-17025 for 4 years

Norma NCH 17025 In DTS calibrations of equipment and / or instruments of different variables and magnitudes are carried out under the norm NCh ISO 17025. We are the only laboratory in Chile that calibrates infrared thermometers, which reflects the quality and experience that DTS has in the provision of these services. For the Calibrations of these teams we have: Traceability, Uncertainty and Accuracy in the patterns. Our capacity for Infrared thermometers is -15 to 500 ° C. Infrared thermometers allow to measure the temperature at a distance. In the magnitude of temperature. DTS also calibrates: Glass thermometers, digital, temperature sensors, PT100, thermocouples, thermoregulated baths, dry well furnace, infrared cameras, among others.