The METRO recognizes DTS’s quality services

César Zúñiga, who has extensive experience working in the METRO, Santiago´s subway system, in the area of calibration and equipment standards tells us about his experience with DTS.

Experience and Quality Service:

“We have been customers of DTS for several years and we can testify to how DTS’s services have been expanding and the quality has improved.  We have seen improvements in transportation, calibration, and even in our own satisfaction regarding their service. Our internal clients are also satisfied with the whole process in terms of reliability, responsibility and punctuality, the latter being a primary objective.”

The value of being an Accredited Company: “As Metro, we also have our own standards and known traceability, but due to the lack of time and employees in our company, some of our instruments have to be calibrated with one of the best entities that provide the service, and in this moment that entity is DTS.’’

Customer Service:

“The exchange of Information and interaction have improved a lot. We are satisfied in terms of the response time, and the relationship between our companies is working efficiently.”

New DTS facilities:

“The new facilities with their diverse, expanded laboratories are very nice. They are especially spacious for the technicians and I think that has been a benefit for them, for the clients, and also for the management of DTS.”

Service Value:

“Considering we are transporting more than three million passengers a day, the service and reliability that DTS provides is paramount.”

Comparison with other companies in the market:

“DTS is quite well positioned in terms of infrastructure and instrumentation.”


“Without a doubt, I would recommend DTS’s services to other companies.”

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